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3 Things I Want You to Know Before You Go

Traveling Tips and Tricks for you. When traveling there are so many things you need to know, and with the recent pandemic, there are more protocols in place, requirements and QUESTIONS! So where do you start? That is where having a travel specialist on your side helps. As your travel specialist, with 15 years' experience in travel, from student groups, weddings, honeymoons, vacations and milestone celebrations it is my pleasure to share 3 things I want you to know before you go.

  • 1- Research your destination, become familiar with culture, language, sites & rules. Culture is so important, learning about the people of the area you are visiting gives you an understanding of how they live, what is important to them, and the "do's & don'ts" when visiting that particular destination. Language is very important, try to learn the basics of "Please, thank you, you are welcome, Yes, No, Bathroom or Water Closet" and so forth.

  • 2-Passport do not attempt to change your passport until after you return from your honeymoon. Also make sure that your passport is valid 6months past travel time.

  • Familiarize yourself with Covid and Health restrictions and requirements, they are different and similar, know before you go. Requirements change almost daily.

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