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Milovat' Travel Design About Us

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Why do I travel? I travel because I believe in participating in diverse experiences that allow me to immerse myself into cultures and traditions of other countries/nationalities. It is in reaching out to people one person at a time that we make a difference in each others lives. The travel experience is something that I value and love to share with others. Traveling both domestically and internationally opens up endless possibilities to each and every one of us. In my travel career I have been to many countries. Canada & Mexico our beautiful neighbors. Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Lichtenstein, Russia, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Vatican City, and the very corner of Slovakia. Enjoyed the territories of Saint Maarten, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico.

Why am I a travel advisor? As a travel advisor I value my personal travel experience, professional knowledge and training, as well as colleagues who are second to none in the industry. With all of these amazing resources I am able to provide you our clients with amazing options for your destination wedding, honeymoon & travel experience. The destination wedding & travel experience you are dreaming of can come true.

Although we cannot currently travel for our destination wedding & travel, immerse yourself in virtual travel, discover where you want to go for your destination wedding & travel experience. Lets take a look at where your imagination wants to take you and plan from there. What can we do to assist you? Life is waiting for you to explore. I know we are going through a very difficult time. Things are very uncertain. But, rest assured we will travel again and we will be here to assist you every step of the way.

Until we chat know we are here for you, please message any destination wedding & travel questions to: or Have an awesome day!

Resort Spotlight

Velas Vallarta, spectacular property that is quaint in size. Huge in service. A team of exceptional staff that are there to assist you ever step of the way. The photo to the right was taken from the Presidential Suite which is located on the rooftop. The waterfalls on the property are breath taking, beautiful landscaping is home to peacocks, Iguana's and the many coy pools located throughout the property. If you are looking for an elegant, fun, relaxing and memorable resort stay for you and your destination wedding guests you have certainly come to a great place.

Photos from the Velas Vallarta.

Velas Vallarta: Waterfall on Property

There are so many things you can do to relax on this property. The landscaping is amazing and there is always something to discover will walking the beautifully sculpted walkways.

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