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The Experience is Real, Insightful, Bold, Reflective

I would like to take this time to share a recent experience that I was able to attend. One that truly changed my life. As a wedding planner/Destination Wedding Specialist, and Travel Specialist it is important to attend both professional and personal trainings. As professionals we strive to attend those that hold meaning for our clients. I recently attended the "David Tutera Experience" in CA, USA. There were amazing speakers and heartfelt moments of sharing. The emotions were high and beautiful. I knew it would be a life changing experience, but I didn't realize how deeply the change would affect. As I sat there with my fellow colleagues I found myself in tears, tears of growth. Moments that allowed me to reach deep within and explore why I do what I do, how I can grow and become more in touch with who I was, who I am becoming and who I will be. Speaking it into existence. Growth comes in many forms, as we sat in sessions I realized that each speaker had a message that seemed to be directed soley at me. But, then I realized it was directed at each one of us. I am sharing this because, I strive to grow, understand and connect with you, my couples, my clients. You are celebrating one of your most important milestones and I want to make sure that it is all it is meant to be. I learned so much at this conference, I learned so much about who I am and who I want to create with. Your vision and my guidance will bring your moments to light. It is my goal in "Making Today's Moments Tomorrow's Memories for you and your guests. It is in knowing myself that I can know you and create for you the milestone moments you and your guests dream of. The one thing I know is the emotions of joy, love, excitement must show in all we do, and when we understand then we are able to connect our light.

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